Senior BFA Project: Residents

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Project Overview/Statement

“RESIDENTS OF THIS HOUSE” (working title)

Jasmine Rajavadee, 2017



“Residents (currently a working title) is a short experimental animation that features several strange characters interacting through separate panels arranged in the shape of a house. Characters occupy a single panel, or several panels; they may also move through them to interact with others in the space. The animation itself primarily features hand-drawn elements, as well as computer-generated effects and film footage. In its installation in a gallery (or similar venue), it would be projected onto a cross-sectioned house structure to match the panel arrangement in the animation. The projection surface will include hand-drawn and 3-dimensional objects for “animated” characters to interact with over time.
The aesthetics of the film itself and installation will be focused on influences from my own experiences between individuality and community. Particularly, this work is influenced by memories of my family and how we interact within our household (and how others might perceive our customs). The perceptions of the world from other people are reflected in the “panels” that the animated characters live in and navigate through. As an animation, this piece is an experiment in optical effects and an exercise in blending different visual styles for a unified look.


Weekly Schedule (as planned)

Week 1: Beginning (Jan 9 week)

  • (Jan 11 – Artist presentation/past work)
  • Begin research/brainstorm for project proposals

Week 2: Planning (Jan 16 – 18)

  • (Jan 18 – First drafts of proposals)
  • Continue preliminary research/brainstorming (to prepare for presenting)

Week 3: Planning/Pre-Production (Jan 23-26)

  • Continue preliminary research, project proposal
  • What visual style(s) should be used?
  • What audio needs to be placed in?
  • How will the house be built??
  • What kind of projectors will be suitable (and how will the projections work?)?
  • Consider how this will be installed
  • Start visualizing the… visuals (animations)


Week 4:   Pre-Production (Jan 30 – Feb 1)

  • Set up this weekly plan, continue research
  • Decide on the models for the house’s overall design
  • This will determine your animation “panels”!

Week 5: Executing (Feb 6 – 8)

  • Finish setting up blog (show progress/show ugly model/HD sketches)
    • Carmen link!
    • Also, updated budget (8)
  • Continue finalizing the house structure, begin planning laser time if haven’t already!

Week 6: Executing (Feb 13 – 15)

  • Begin drawing animations (if you haven’t already)
  • Clip Studio and After Effects

Week 7: Executing (Feb 20 – 22)

  • (Feb 20 – Documentation of progress on blog)
  • Continue working with animations
  • And continue working on the house structure

Week 8: Executing (Feb 27 – Mar 1)

  • (Feb 27 – Editing artist statement (upload to carmen))
  • Continue working with animations
  • And the house too

Week 9: Executing (Mar 6 – 8)

  • Continue working with animations
    • Also continue with getting feedback from friends/peers

Week 10: Executing (Mar 13 – 15)

  • Determine how to install the work in the gallery space
  • Continue working with animations

Week 11: Executing (Mar 20 – 22)

  • (March 21, 5pm – EXHIBITION APPROVAL FORMS FOR UAS NEEDED, signed and approved by advisor)
  • Keep working on your project!

Week 12: Executing… and finalizing (Mar 27 – 29)

  • Work on your project!
  • Consider working on your manual at this point too (before NYC Mar 30 – April 2)

Week 13: Finalizing/Polishing (April 3 – 5)

  • (April 4, 5pm) Artist Statement approval form needs to be approved and signed by advisor!
  • Work week – this project needs to be finished in 1 week!
  • Polish the animations


Week 14: IT BETTER BE FINISHED (April 10 – 12)

  • (April 10, 12pm – 4pm) Loan Agreement needs to be dropped off at the Urban Arts Space!
      • Also, the project is DUE
  • (April 11) Begin INSTALLATION at UAS; show up!!
  • (April 12) Final Project Critique for graduating students @ UAS (YOU)
  • (April 14) Final day of install

Week 15: Install (April 17 – 19)

  • Clean-up, lighting, and labels
  • (April 19) Art Manuals due!

Week 16: And onwards

  • (April 18 – May 6) Show @ UAS
  • (April 24) Final Documentation due
  • (May 6) BFA Exhibition Reception
  • (May 8 and 9, 10am to 4pm) Pick up artwork at UAS, exhibition strike/restoration
  • (After semester) Finally allowed to die