January 17, 2017: FullDome Animation Updates 

Research and sketches. A lot of reading was done before drawing any sort of concepts, but it might be for better. Especially exciting was looking up the concept of laser-propulsion spacecraft and implementing this idea into a fictional shuttle for the audience’s adventure!

Spaceship design Notes 



This spaceship features two side “sails” that will reflect lasers/light energy to propel the main craft through space. The main passenger module is disc-shaped and features “skylights” (in addition to normal windows). Kinda like a planetarium…?

Additionally, I have some Habitable Planet Notes that may help. Much of this info was grabbed from two classes I previously took about similar subjects (how life could be sustained on different planets, could we find other life out there?)


Basic Requirements for Life


Stable, Long-lived Source of Energy

Energy to fuel chemical reactions

Warmth to permit liquid water

Complex chemistry

Elements heavier than H and He

Carbon, liquid water, inorganics

Location for life to emerge

Oceans, land masses

Benign Environmental Conditions

Stable, well-regulated climate

Protection from harmful UV radiation



Updated Sketches of the first ship:



While I’m still getting used to C4D (after years of Maya), I have a first draft model of the ship.



Also experimenting with C4D’s animated shaders, which there seems to be no shortage of. First I simply put them onto test spheres just to see what they looked like on rendering:


And then creating a few more for “deep space-like” field effects, to be used in the backdrops of potential animation segments:


The glowing effect seems to work well to represent stars, or even highlight planets: