Residents: Updates Post-Spring Break

Render of Installation Proposal:




Main frame, and “shelves”

More animation drafts and overview (still image):




03/27 Update

Upon getting advice about shortening the projector’s throw distance, I modified the standing structure into two 1-ft segments. I am using a “mirror technique” in order to shorten the throw distance of the projected image by pointing the projector back at a mirror that bounces the light back to the tracing paper.

The resulting image is a little distorted (trapezoidal shape of the screen), but I’m not too bothered by it (and it shouldn’t be too hard to adjust)


I ended up adding door hinges to the side panels so that the structure would be able to “open” and “close”. I had them initially taped and then drilled into the main frame. The projection surface/tracing paper also ended up being removed and replaced by a more appropriately-sized sheet (so there is no seam visible in the middle of the surface).


HOUSE: Updates 2/20

As of this week/last week, I’ve started doing basic/”still” character animations and refining the layout of the house space. Projector configurations are still up in the air, as I’m still looking for a replacement to my toy projector for something that will give me a little more fine details. For, now, it’s better to work on the content itself.

Cleaned-up version of the house structure that will be used in the projection. It should comfortably fit a “rectangle” of 18in x 24in (3:4 units). This sketch also highlights where two of the characters are in relation to the house (or at least, the two characters I’ve worked on so far)
Sample animation of “bedguy”; this character reflects self-contemplation after a rough day

I also have two screenshots of my desktop, featuring how I usually work with Clip Studio and a SP3 in creating these kinds of animations.

And here’s a video link to how animation playback in the program (kinda) works in real-time.