Thunderdome: Spaceguy

Seeya… space cowboy



Fulldome: Ships and Shade

While I’m still getting used to C4D (after years of Maya), I have a first draft model of the ship. It is mainly propelled with a hidden engine, primarily cruising in space (at extreme speed) with the help of its two triangular light-sails made of reflective material (some have suggested mylar. They will be able to fold into the ship for landing and containment purposes.


Also experimenting with C4D’s animated shaders, which there seems to be no shortage of. First I simply put them onto test spheres just to see what they looked like on rendering (which is “Gaseous Grey” to “Naki Glyphs” in a rough order). I also have a video clip of the animations running for this exact shot.   Needless to say, they come across as funky and relatively useful when modified. (Personally I like Giraffe) The “Cloudy” and “Gaseous” sets would probably be appropriate to use for creating planets or the backdrop of “dusty” space areas.


I ended up starting with a few shaders to get the impression of deep space, with the most successful test being the “LukaDent” (bottom-left). “HamaBlueprint” (which is on the topright and rightmost balls) initially looked like it could fit, but after messing around with the settings I only ended up with a funky-looking ball.


Here’s the four “space balls” in animation (link) 

The glowing effect seems to work well to represent stars, or even highlight planets. These are made from “GaseousGrey” and “NakiGlyphs”, altering the color textures.   (And here’s the link to the shaders animation in action) 


And some shaders “for fun”, because I am a fan of pink/pastel colors and glowing effects in general. (Both are “GradientClouds”)