House: Bibliography Links

A compilation of interests and content that might be related to the overall HOUSE being built.


ARTISTS and works – A collection of Shana Moulton’s projection/performative works at Kunsthaus Glarus. Projections of images onto various surfaces – Mika Rottenberg and the Amazing Invention Factory – Fictional logic for otherwise ordinary objects – Tony Oursler and fun projections onto fun objects


Visual Guides/Concepts Study in Time & Space (Jerrold Chong) – Hand-drawn appearance, and use of overlapping/repeating animations – Rainbow Narcosis (Johnathan Monaghan) – Abstracted and somewhat absurd visual transitions Velodrool (Sander Joon) – Hand-drawn animation and some pretty interesting visual gags Peak (Jin) – Visual style of character(s) (something similar to what I’d be going for) – Dollhouse projection (front projection) – Recently found this method of projection to be effective for this project


Miscellaneous Inspiration Desire (series), Jacolby Satterwhite (2009-2014) About 3 years ago I visited the Whitney Biennale (which I also consider one of the first times I was “seriously inspired” to pursue art as a career) and saw this artist’s work and learned of the background behind its creation (which is also inspired by a family history) de Paume, Joshua Mosely (2014) Also seen 3 years ago, a stop-motion animation that’s uncannily realistic and captures a sense of “human awareness” through character and camera movement – Transforming a space with visually intriguing objects (though this is a series of illustrations, and the article also features other illustrations by the artist)  (March 8, 2016) The Door Is Always Open, Gary Baseman, Aaron Rosen (2013) – Catalogue of Gary Baseman’s first museum retrospective, which also takes a closer look at his personal Jewish upbringing as an inspiration for his works. Personal inspiration for character design and themes (interestingly the book’s “chapters” are titled as rooms of a house)


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