HOUSE: Makeshift Update

This weekend I made time to at least test how I want to project images onto a surface for the “house projection”. I ended up making an interesting result!

Originally, the setup I had in mind involved forward-projecting the animations on the “sculpture” component.


This is a really rushed “model” of what I considered, and tried with various cardboard boxes. While the setup looked well-lit for the purposes of the potential installation, this would only really be suitable if the gallery space were pitch-black. (Given that the slightly-edited picture above is really… not good)

I started with researching alternative surfaces for projecting images – particularly, on transparent/glassy surfaces that I could potentially light from behind the sculpture.  However, it was worth noting that this method could be potentially be out of my budget for what I’d be willing to spend on. So I found an alternative in rear-projection techniques that required more accessible materials. (Here is a link to an instructables project using this kind of projection) 



The makeshift “cave” I made here involves a box holding the projector that blocks off light from most directions, except for the surface it projects on. The surface projection is a sheet of translucent vellum paper (originally intended for scrapbooking!), which I drew on to see how it would show up. The bed drawing, made with a Faber-Castell pen, ended up being the most opaque and true to what I wanted. Based on these results, I think I want the “furnishings” of the house to be hand-drawn at this point!


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