Art Games: Teleporting Mazes

A couple days ago I started getting the hang of using Unity and managed to get a better hand on integrating scripts within game development.


The objective I have in mind is navigating a series of “rooms” via touching objects that teleport the player to another location. The main area of inspiration comes from Osamu Sato’s LSD Dream Emulator, which is a game I have immense admiration for. One of the most striking aspects that I recall from LSD was bumping into otherwise ordinary objects (such as the walls of the various “levels” or areas) and having the scenery suddenly change. In my experience, this game element of surprise and the unknown was what made the game so interesting and memorable for me.


(Sample “map” of gameflow, it is also totally subject to change)

For this “maze” game, I think it would be nice to reference this feeling of being lost and hopelessly confused in a world that seems to change so often.


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