INK STORY: Progress as of 11/14

I’ve been focusing on under-the-hood changes (such as interface appearances and little bugs in character dialogue), but I did add several *new* sprites that show up in the first gallery (apart from Hope):


(Left to right: Ink, Mondie, Kono, Antony, Marge, Burgundy, Puddles, Hope, and “Serras”)

Some system changes have been made, including an enemy health bar to be displayed when fighting characters:


And fixed character portraits on the main menu – they are all transparent “faces,” instead of half of a sprite:


Here are also several character sketches (some names are still in development)



INK STORY: Progress as of 11/9/2016

Progression on Ink’s game has been wild. I got sick in the last few days, but managed to pull off a few bug fixes/graphic additions!

I added the second gallery’s parallax map/event tiling: log_06.PNG

Several artworks/artists have been represented.

Here’s Ink hiding behind Dubuffet’s “Tower of Lace.” Since it’s so huge, it gets its own sprite.


This rendition of Calder’s Lobster Trap and Fish Tail mobile work actually wiggles in the game.


There are two “mini-gallery” rooms in this level that feature works from Hirst and Rothko.

log_10.PNG log_11.PNG

Which also brings up an additional NEW CHARACTER: Hope, who is the mediator and resident of the gallery’s “chapel” room.

log_12.PNG $rothy_sp_d.png

!rothy_1-01.png filler.png

Thus far, we have… 4 characters. At this point, I will need to focus on implementing other planned characters.

In the meanwhile, I’ve started picking up on the third gallery space: