INK STORY: Exhibition Proposal


Hopkins Hall – Autumn 2016 Art and Technology Show

Working Title: Ink Story

Artist: Jasmine Rajavadee

Description of Work:

  • A video-game installation allowing the viewer to experience an art gallery through a game narrative, may include decorative elements in setup


  • (1) Windows-OS machine (Provided by artist)
  • (1) Computer monitor
  • (1) Keyboard
  • (1) Table
  • (1) Tablecloth
  • (1) Bench, or seat
  • (1) A/C adapter
  • *If a Windows-OS laptop is brought/available as an alternative to a desktop computer, then a keyboard and computer monitor may not be necessary

Time-Based elements:

  • Game content runs about ~1 hour for a complete run; viewers are encouraged to interact at various points of the game’s run, and can leave the work at any point for the next player to continue the story

Technology Requirements:

  • (1) Windows-OS machine
  • (1) Keyboard
    • Must have directional keys
  • (1) Computer monitor (1024 x 768 pixels or higher desktop resolution recommended)
  • Power chords to connect to electrical outlets (powers the computer and monitor)
  • (Optional) (1) Standard mouse (troubleshooting any technical bugs), USB locks (security)

Estimated Measurments/Space Requirements:

  • Minimum space: 5 ft x 5 ft of space is recommended
    • Enough space to accommodate 1 person playing the game and for others to watch gameplay/pass by

Special Installation needs:

  • (1) Table set up with (1) presentable tablecloth covering it
  • (1) Bench for viewers/players to sit
    • To be placed in front of the table, close enough to view game comfortably
  • (1) “Gallery” frame around the monitor (emulating a painting, drawing, etc)

Proposed Installation Layout:








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