INK STORY: Artist Statement


Ink Story is an art-inspired video game that tells the story of a girl named Ink who wakes up in an art museum and investigates the galleries to rediscover her identity. The museum is inhabited by “avatars” of the artworks that populate the galleries; each of these are representative of their respective work of art, and facilitate communication with others and Ink. Ink’s experiences within the gallery are loosely reflected from my own encounters with contemporary art and struggles as an artist.

I chose the RPG Maker VX Ace engine to create Ink’s world. The program is known for its strong ties to other games that are known for pushing the exploration and world-building aspects. It is suitable for viewing within a gallery space or from the viewer’s home via direct downloading. Ink Story is the first invitation for the viewer to wander through one of many fantastical worlds that I have created episodically in my previous works.


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