INK STORY: Inspiration Bonus

While INK STORY is obviously inspired and shaped by the realm of fine art, I want to add a bit about the influence of people who have published REALLY INTERESTING RPG-Maker based games.

Yume Nikki  

Image result for yume nikki

A surrealist adventure game designed by KIKIYAMA. There is little information about the main character, but much of our interpretation is based on the exploration of a bizzare “dreamscape” and interacting with objects/creatures. This game is possibly the first of many games that are based in RPGM as an “art form” rather than a conventional RPG-genre game.


Screenshot Screenshot

Mogeko is a Japanese-based illustrator who has published three RPGM games – Mogeko CastleThe Gray Garden, and Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. I find myself (and INK STORY) particularly influenced by the heavy focus on storytelling. And how cute every character looks, despite some questionable (and borderline deplorable) themes that are exploited in their games and illustrative works.  

Link to their Main Site 

And of course, there’s


Ib Screenshot

Which, like INK STORY plans to, takes place in a warped art museum that the player must guide the titular character through. While INK STORY isn’t in the horror genre and plans to include “battle” segments, the fine-art influenced world that is unraveled in Ib may be reflected in the former.


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