INK STORY: Artistic Influences

INK STORY, as seen so far, is all about art and how we view it. Each artist is referenced by a cutesy character, and our protagonist Ink is (decidedly) an outside viewer that represents us interacting with artworks (literally, in this case).

For a game that’s literally centers around art, there should be some inspirations from artists, whether or not they are represented in-game!

Here’s a few artists who I tend to think about when working on the game so far:

Gary Baseman 

Image result

An American contemporary artist working in illustration, fine art, animation, and toy design. He is notable for creating works that land somewhere between “fine and commercial” art (high and low, alternatively). Baseman’s works has been an inspiration for many of my art; for this project in particular the sense of “play” and exploration is important for Ink’s journey through the strange museum.

Link to his main site HERE 


Chiho Aoshima 

A Japanese artist who is a part of Takashi Murakami’s Kaikai Kiki Collective. She primarily works with film and video art, but is also known for sculptural and installation works (summarized as “animated murals”). Her most well-recognized installations are large-scale, with the 32.5 meter length City Glow series going across several train platforms (Including in New York and and London). In particular, I am drawn to the dreamlike and fantastic worlds and characters that are presented in her art. Perhaps we will see strange NPCs and stages like this in Ink’s story?

Link to English Kaikai Kiki Collective page HERE 

Link to Blum and Poe page HERE 

Cory Arcangel 

Image result for Cory Arcangel

Unlike the previous two artists I’ve discussed, there’s nothing “cutesy” or illustrative about most of Arcangel’s art as far as anyone can tell. In fact, he is known for working in many different media, particularly in dissecting technology and appropriating materials to create his art. Super Mario Clouds (2002) and I Shot Andy Warhol (2002) may be his most recognized works; both of these are modified Nintendo NES cartrige hacks. Like how he is altering a video-game software to create an art object, with INK STORY I am aiming to alter the graphics and uses of the RPGM platform to create art.

Link to things Arcangel has made with video game mods

I also have a few other influences that I felt are not totally “art” related, but are worth mentioning HERE


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