4201: Cleaning things up

So based on the reception for the previous set of sketches, I’ve decided to go along with the “Crane Game” concept as the focus of my New Media class project. I have yet to post or access references for the exact mechanics of how claw games work.

4201_c10002(original sketch)

Details sketches


How I picture the claw’s path to be set up. Most, if not all, claw/crane machines use a “scaffolding” system like this to move the claw. 


Intended size/setup. This is mostly based on my own height, though its installation can be adjusted to fit the eyeline of average/taller people. 


And detailed version of the overall appearance (in beta) 

A word on the intended material of this one: I initially thought this would be made mostly of plexiglass and standard metal bars. But that might make it too heavy to be supported by a hanging fixture! Then I considered the paper birds and decided this might be interesting if it were made with cardboard and thinner wires. Granted, it should be VERY sturdy cardboard, or even very thin birch wood panels. There would be that connection between paper and wood, and the source of that material.


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