4201: Ideas for the First Project

These are 4 concepts, particularly for the New Meda/robotics class.

Idea 1: “Conversation Booth” 


I’ve heard people often say, when in closed urban spaces, talk about wanting to become more “in touch” with nature. So this piece was inspired by the idea of being able to interact with the “outside” while remaining “inside,” hence the structure of a window.

This installation relies on a person’s presence. When it detects that there are people nearby, it will attempt to interact with the person by playing a projection. The projection/elements will only move when it detects that there are nearby people; in the absence of a person, it will pause its motion until someone comes by again.

Idea 2: “Crane Games” 


A visual pun on a classic arcade game. I used to call those claw games “cranes” (and nowadays, “UFO catchers”). In this game, you catch paper cranes that might have fortunes inside of them (revealed by unfolding).

Ideally, this can be installed as a hanging object or placed on a fancy-looking pedestal.

Idea 3: “Stepping Stones” 


Inspired by gardens, I based this one on the stone trails that can sometimes be found in them. It features multiple “stone” cushions or plates that can/should be stepped on. When stepped on, it will light up (possibly in particular colors depending on the stone), and also light up a few surrounding stones. Likewise, when a participant steps on an already lit stone, it will deactivate the lighting, along with a few surrounding stones as well.

It is designed to exist in spaces of various sizes, as it only requires enough space for it to be stepped on. Ideally, it would look nice in a small corner of a room or in a hallway setting.

Idea 4: “FEED; and I’ll tell you all I know” 


I am interested in finding different ways of telling stories. This piece in particular will only tell a story when it is “rewarded”; it is made up of 4 or more small containers resembling candy caddies, with each having a receiving tube (with a mouth shape on it) and a small door. Dropping a small object such as a candy into its dispenser will allow access to viewing a small scene inside the container, via a small door/hatch. The viewer must do this for each segment in order to witness the entire story.

It can be placed on a flat table surface, with a supply of “treats” nearby.


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